Membership Levels

There are three categories of membership:

The National Slate Association Full Member – $380 (contractors, quarriers and distributors) Full Member | Multiple Locations – $480 (contractors, quarriers, and distributors who wish to list more than one location in the directory) Slate Contractors, Quarriers and Distributors are included in this category. They have voting rights and can hold office in the association. These members have expertise in slate manufacture, distributing or installation of slate. Affiliate Member – $295 (architects, designers, roofing consultants, engineers and conservators) Under the general heading of Consultants, this includes Architects, Engineers, Conservators, Roofing Consultants and Specifiers. They have voting rights and can hold office in the association. Affiliate members have an interest in some architectural or structural aspect of slate. Associate Member – $150 (academics, students, preservationists, craftspeople, building owners, facility managers and others who have an interest in slate roof construction, design and maintenance) This membership category includes Facility Managers, Academics, Students, Preservationists and slate crafters. They have no voting rights, nor can hold office in the association.

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National Slate Association’s Mobile Field Guide

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